About Us

Earth & Luxe is a social-impact retailer that funds housing for indigenous South African university students in need.

In 2016 Earth & Luxe founding CEOs, Dr. Ronn and Aladrian Elmore, left their settled lives in northern California to work as leadership development trainers among the historically-oppressed communities of Cape Town, South Africa.

There, inequality of income and opportunity is greater than nearly any other place on the planet. Access to higher education for impoverished indigenous peoples is crucial to changing this.

Unfortunately, South Africa’s universities have housing for only 1 in 70 students. The rest are forced to seek private accommodations in the ultra-expensive rental market surrounding campuses.

Unable to afford that option, students of color–even with full tuition scholarships—too often end up literally sleeping in the streets. With no access to safe, affordable shelter, many eventually return home without the diplomas that could free them and their families from poverty.

In response, Dr. Ronn, a longtime entrepreneur, envisioned creating a U.S.-based, contemporary fine furnishings brand to fund housing for S. African students needing it.

In 2017 Earth & Luxe was born.


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