Our Charity

Earth + Luxe is a U.S.A-based family business. Proceeds from your Every Purchase Helps a Needy Student, the African Student Housing Plan.

What Is This Project?

Launched in 2017 by Earth + Luxe owners, Dr. Ronn and Aladrian Elmore, the ASHP provides housing and mentoring for indigenous S. African university students at risk of homelessness. 

Why It Matters

Tragically, only 3% of 18-29 year-old South Africans of color are enrolled in college (fewer than half of that number actually graduate). There are many reasons, but a big one is the student-housing crisis.

The nation’s universities only have campus housing for 1.4% of students. That means just 1 in 70 students gets a bed. The rest must be able to afford off-campus accommodations in the highly inflated rental markets around universities.

This disproportionally jeopardizes poverty-plagued indigenous people. Too often, desperate students (even with full tuition scholarships) end up literally sleeping in the streets.

Our Scholars Residence is a large hostel near the University of Stellenbosch (Cape Town area). Housing-insecure students are invited to live, study and thrive—without having to worry about shelter. They pay “rent” by providing tutoring and other volunteer services in underserved communities like their own.

Your every Earth + Luxe purchase helps remove a barrier that has historically prevented indigenous South Africans from getting a lifechanging education.



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