Our Process

Passionate about fashion-forward design and sustainable creation, our bold, artisan-inspired collection makes us a contemporary lifestyle brand for every room in your home.

Our aesthetic features a carefully curated mix of modern, mid-century, contemporary, eclectic and industrial styles– perfect for the modern home, urban loft or hospitality spaces. 

While offering stunning, high-quality furnishings is our sincere commitment, we recognize that products are only one part of the equation.

Earth & Luxe also exists to do good and change lives.

Specifically, we are committed to increasing the number of indigenous South African students who graduate from university equipped to go back and transform their own communities.

Millions of South African young adults are stuck in brutal economic inequality and unemployment—over 25 years after Nelson Mandela and others fought to end apartheid. Still, today:

* Unemployment in indigenous townships is often over 60%.
* Black Africans’ average income is 500% less than whites’ income.
* Only 3% of all 18-29 year-old black S. Africans go to college.

    For an alarming number, it’s simply because they have no place to live while at college.

    The tragic result? Indigenous families and communities remain stuck in the same cycles of poverty generation after generation.

    Earth & Luxe donates 50% of our proceeds to provide campus-close

    housing and mentor support for deserving indigenous students.

    For residents of the Earth & Luxe Scholars Residence (near Cape Town), obtaining their diploma means more than just a paycheck. It offers an avenue to support themselves and their families, inspire their peers, and to stimulate sustainable economic development and community transformation.



    WELCOME TO Earth + Luxe!