Stunning, Peel-and-Stick, Designer Wall Murals.

The design concept that has swept Europe is now here. Use these luxurious, artist-designed murals to create the vibrant focal point of your space. In addition to their simple, self-adhering application, here’s what you can expect from each of our premium wall murals:

  • Guaranteed Easy & Clean Removal
  • Guaranteed to Restick 99 Times
  • Woven, 100% PVA-Free Materials
  • Non-Toxic, Environmentally-Friendly Inks
  • Each Purchase Pays an Artist & Supports a South African Student

5 Reasons to Choose an Earth + Luxe Removable Wall Mural

Durable, woven materials. All peel and stick, removable wall murals are not the same. While Earth + Luxe Walls Murals are reasonably priced, they are incredibly rugged and made to last. You can even wash our wall murals with normal household cleaners.

Child-safe inks. Our wall murals only use HP Latex Inks. These advanced inks are Greenguard certified, a UL® independent testing certification that means your wall mural ink has met strict standards for indoor air quality.

Fade resistant. Sunlight from windows can fade inferior dye ink wall murals within less than 2 years. Our HP Latex Inks use pigments, not dyes. So you can expect them to remain fade resistant and retain a like new appearance for up to 50 years when applied to a sunlight-exposed wall.

No messy paste. Our self-adhesive backing is faster, easier and cleaner than dealing with paste. So don’t let words like “removable” and “temporary” fool you into thinking these wall murals are somehow lower quality than pasted wall murals. Peel and stick wall mural application is just a simpler, more sustainable way to apply wall murals.

Tested and improved. The adhesive on our products has been tested for over a decade, to ensure that your wall mural won’t separate at the wall edges or corners. But it’s also reusable and removes clean, without damaging paint. You can actually take it with you if you move.

A premium wall mural from Earth + Luxe can bring your indoor space to elegant life. The only requirement is a smooth, clean surface.

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